m1mo, the brand that names Matteo Scalvini’ archive.

It has been presented around the world at the end of 2021 with the spring-summer collection 2022.

Uniqueness, elegance, craftsmanship and sustainability are the values of this brand in all respect made in Japan, representative of the new slow fashion current.

Its purpose is to redefine the aesthetics of the Japanese tradition through an update of antique objects in everyday life.

|Timeless, unique pieces|

From East to West the kimono brings with it a dynamism of shapes and colors able to tell the spirit of another world, elsewhere, far away. Behind the many dyeing and weaving techniques are hidden symbols and meanings that endow each Japanese dress with meaning and its own language. Simplicity of the lemma “m1mo” embodies essentiality as peculiarity of elegance that can ever find expression in the superfluous redundancy of the compositional elements. Likewise, in Japanese culture and beyond, mime expresses the essentiality of language capable, thorough mere gestures and the scenic use of traditional clothing, to represent the varied range of all emotions of the human being.